From buildings to brownstones, no facade job is too big or small.



The importance of a building’s façade cannot be undersold; while the interior foundation of a building is all-important, the façade is the part of a building the public sees.
We offer the following Facade Services:
It’s also important in the structural support for a building. Natural weathering of building materials occurs over time, especially in high winds, sleet, and snow. In a big city, chemical pollutants are particularly damaging and have the power to completely corrode the façade of your building.
Avarga’s extensive list of building restoration qualifications puts us at the top of the list for construction contractors. Our capability to clean, restore, and stabilize your building’s façade makes it possible for you to breathe easy and know your building will be around for years to come.
Most buildings experience deterioration on balconies, fire escapes, and other appurtenances before other façade deterioration occurs. Natural weathering and pollutants strike these parts of a building more often than the vertical structure, requiring extra attention and care. Increased maintenance on these types of façades should be addressed carefully, to prolong the life of the appurtenance and ensure the safety of the people using them in the future.
The top-notch façade services we offer at Avarga include analyzing your building’s specific needs, giving you an expansive list of what we find and our recommendations for proceeding, and providing preventative maintenance tips for the future. Construction contractors all-too-often fail to spend the appropriate amount of time in pre-construction meetings and reviews, resulting in unnecessary costs and annoying construction delays.
At Avarga, we understand the importance of preliminary investigations, and increase our pre-construction efforts to ensure you won’t end up on the losing end of a construction blunder.

Landmark and Historic Preservation

Our extensive experience in handling numerous historic structures makes us qualified to work on high-rise and low-rise buildings, as well as the most intricate and ornate local buildings. We dedicate ourselves to exhaustive research efforts and take care to abide by all local governing agencies to preserve delicate historical landmark buildings. We realize full-scale façade replacement is not always the best options for these projects and use sketches and photographs of the existing condition to put our best foot forward during the restoration process.

We use a conversationalist approach when inspecting historic and landmark sites. We try our best to restore the original structure while still abiding by safety regulations. Our team appreciates the original integrity of these magnificent buildings – for many of us, it’s why we do what we do. The privilege to work on a historic or landmark preservation is one we don’t take lightly.
Avarga professionals have successfully repaired hundreds of historic and landmark structures, using unique resources to develop restoration strategies exactly matched to the task of performing cost-effective and sound repairs to buildings of any age. Historic preservation is the lifeblood of the unique architecture New York is famous for. We’re proud to take part in restoration efforts of these priceless structures, working with engineers and architects dedicated to preserving the original craftsmanship of a façade.

Historic and landmark structures provide the citizens of New York with a link to the past, and Avarga will use due care to insure these links last.

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