We have extensive restoration experience with land mark buildings.


With any number of roofing materials being used in today’s buildings, it takes a well-informed and adaptable construction contractor to do the job right.

At Avarga, we have a wide range of roofing techniques that enable us to work on a multitude of different roofs.

The Roofing Services we provide include:
…And much more!
Avarga installs a full range of roofing systems to meet the needs of every type of structure. We understand the delicate process involved in creating a watertight building; we’re experts on the many types of roofing and have access to new as well as tried-and-true roofing products.

At Avarga, our experienced roofing team has successfully installed roofing systems over everything from balconies to pool areas, leaving no structure exposed to the elements. Our systems are designed to battle the Northeast’s intemperate weather conditions.

New York is home to many high-traffic roof areas like rooftop gardens and pools. It’s part of what makes our city unique – the many innovative ways we’ve made the most of a building’s aptitude. It’s important for the safety of thousands of people to use a contractor who knows how to properly install a roof with these capabilities. The selection process for choosing the correct roofing system for your building is one we don’t take lightly. Our myriad of experiences with different types of systems has brought Avarga to the forefront of roofing endeavors and made us the market leaders of NYC.

We provide roofing restoration for existing roofs, new roof construction, and commercial re-covers. We’ll give you proactive analyses of the condition of your rooftop, combined with roof maintenance advice and services. Avarga understands the importance of keeping your building safe from extreme cold, extreme heat, and any form of water.

Our water and weatherproofing professionals address each project with the support of contractors to ensure both the design concepts and the safety standards work cohesively. 

Avarga is capable of handling any roofing situation, whether it’s bitumen, metal, shingle, asphalt, concrete, granite, or slate.


When it comes to keeping your building safe from the devastating effects of weather, Avarga has you covered.

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